Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: Z is for … The End? Not a Chance

Welcome to my Z post in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge. Yes the end of the Alphabet Challenge has come (although I will be posting my ‘A’ post after this, as I never got around to doing it at the time, but we can overlook that fact – and better 25 weeks late than never, eh?). Anyway for this Z post I’ve decided that

Z is for  … The End? Not a Chance

So what on earth do I actually mean by that? Well I found phrase could relate so well to both my blogging, and to my family history, so here’s a little explanation.

To my blog
Firstly I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Alphabet Challenge. A few letters I did find challenging, and I was totally surprised at how many I changed my mind on what to write about. Anyway having the alphabet letters as a prompt was very useful, and I may well just use the concept of it (without using the official format), to come up with more ideas for blog posts – mind you I’m really not struggling for ideas, rather time. But anyway.  So in many respects I don’t see the Alphabet Challenge series as coming to an end for me – just an official part of it.

To my family history
Now to relate this to my family history. Will I ever get to the end? Nope, not a chance. While my dad started our family history 30+ years ago, and I really only picked it up to continue and do my own maybe 5-6 years ago (see I’m still a newbie :P) … I know that you often get lost on fascinating tangents  along the way, and all of which takes time. And apart from that, there’s the whole doubling the number of ancestors to trace every generation you go back – not even mentioning tracking down each an everyone of their siblings.

So no, my family history research is purely a continual work in progress that will never end, and while working in the family history industry I have had people from time-to-time tell me that they have ‘finished their family tree’, I know I’m far from being alone when I say mine never will be.

2 Responses to “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: Z is for … The End? Not a Chance”

  1. Fi says:

    It certainly has been a heap of fun, Alona. Thank you so much for kicking off the challenge and keeping us on track (although I still have a couple of letters to go!).

  2. Kerryn says:

    Enjoyed the challenge immensely Alona. I can’t see an end in sight for my family history research either.

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