Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: V is for … Vintage Style

We’re now up to the letter V in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, and for me this was always going to be about “Vintage Style”.


I love a whole lot about the style and stuff from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The lace up boots, the corsets, the choker necklaces, pocket watches, hats and more … love it, so it’s no wonder that I’m completely fascinated by a copy of the Lassetter’s catalogue that my dad has. What is Lassetter’s catalogue you ask?Good question. Lassetter’s catalogue was issued regularly, and the copy he has is dated 1913. This catalogue (actually it’s more like a 1100 page massive book) is a simply chock full of EVERYTHING, and I do mean E -V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is listed in this catalogue. Clothes, shoes, soaps, hair pins, jewellery, travel luggage, gold clubs, cigarettes, suits, farm machinery, canes, inks and writing paper, bird cages, candles, dinnerware … you name it, it’s there, all with sketches and prices. It really is the coolest book! The images shown here are taken from this book.











And just to prove that I really do love vintage style (with a bit of a modern twist) here’s a pikki of me with Mr Lonetester on our wedding day. Note the lace up boots, corset (not that you can really see it here), the snazzy top hat, long tails jacket, and choker necklace  😉 … yep, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for vintage style.

Mr Lonetester and I on our wedding day


6 Responses to “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: V is for … Vintage Style”

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh, what a fabulous post Alona. Absolutely love it!!! Look at you two done up in your Vintage Wedding Threads!!! wow 🙂 … Love your dad’s 1913 copy of Lasseters Catalogue. Those shoes help me imagine what my Grandmother was possibly wearing, in the UK, the year after my dad was born. Thanks heaps.

  2. Kerryn says:

    Love your style Alona! What a fantastic catalogue to have.

  3. Mr Lonetester says:

    Wait, vintage style – does that include me?

    And for the official record, Mr Lonetester is a little more svelte these days …

  4. Alona says:

    Catherine & Kerryn – thank you for your kind words. My mum says I love shoes that her mum used to have … 😉

    Mr L – nope, you’re not vintage at all, and you are very svelte now.

  5. Pauleen says:

    Great photo Alona and very dashing! Mind you I think the corset is a step too far for me, even if I need it 😉 I loved the images which reminded me of my grandparents’ wedding photo and some of their “stuff”.

  6. Sharon says:

    I would so like to have a look through that catalogue. My daughter (age 20) may not be interested in family history but she has developed a love of vintage clothing………so there is hope that one day she may also be interested in family history.

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