Doing a Whole Lot of Dancing!

Monday last week was a crazy (weird crazy) day. It started off with a call from a guy about some heirlooms another person discovered, and I’ve been traced as being the “nearest relative who is interested in them (and who won’t sell them off)” – but all of that is a story in itself, so I’ll save all of that for another day. But as any genienut knows heirlooms are awesome, so as you can imagine I was on a bit of a high, and yes, felt like dancing.

Then I got the mail at work, and I finally got my copy of Inside History Magazine’s September/October 2014 Issue (No. 24). I’m still a paper copy magazine type gal so had to wait impatiently for Australia Post to deliver it. While I’m into some techy-stuff, magazines and books, the old school paper-ones do it for me. Anyway while I’d been waiting for my copy to arrive, I’d seen a number of comments on social media from those that got the digital copy so was really excited, as this issue had their annual Top 50 Genealogy Blogs list in it which I knew about thanks to Jill Ball announcing that it was coming in her 50 blogs you need to read post.

Inside History Magazine - SepOct 2014

Anyway I love these lists, as there’s always blogs I discover from them. And as Jill says …

“There you will find example of blogs that are challenging, charming, chatty, classy and clever. There is something for everyone.”

Compiled by Australian queen of geneablogging, Jill Ball primarily known for her Geniaus blog, but also author of Android Genealogy and GeneaDictionary to name a few of her other blogs. Inside History Magazine’s now annual “top 50 genealogy blogs” list covers institutions, organisations, societies, personal genealogists, and professional.

I have been honoured enough to have made the list for the past two years, so was not expecting to see my name in it this year … but there it was, Lonetester HQ – just after Kylie’s Genes, and just before Lost Medals Australia. So cue the dancing … or should I say MORE dancing!

I know some of the blogs that have made this list, but there’s a whole lot that I shall be discovering as I’m going to make it my mission to check each of those “new-to-me” ones out.

To finish off I need to say some thankyous.

Firstly to Inside History firstly for an awesome mag (it is a fav of mine), and secondly for their blog list. Also the Jill Ball who takes the time to assess every blog that to create the list and being an inspiring blogger herself. And also to my readers. Those who’ve mention it when they’ve met me. Those who write emails. Those who leave a comment on a post, or who share or give a thumbs up. While I do write for me, it is really nice to know that others appreciate it. So thankyou. 😉

Thank You

5 Responses to “Doing a Whole Lot of Dancing!”

  1. Genienut – that will surely find its way into the geneadictionary.

    Congrats to you and thanks for your commitment to blogging – not just at Lonetester HQ but all of your blogs.

  2. Alex Daw says:

    Inside History is a beautiful magazine isn’t it? Well done on making the list again! I can hear the joy in your authorial voice all the way from sunny Queensland 🙂

  3. Kerryn says:

    Congratulations Alona! I’ve also added new blogs to my reading list and looking forward to your heirloom story.

  4. Pauleen says:

    Congratulations Alona, so well deserved.

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