Discovering the “Australian Women Writers Challenge” 2015

Do you love reading? And love a blog challenge? If you said yes to both, you’ll certainly love this!

Late last year I discovered the “Australian Women Writers” Challenge. This is where readers read books written by Australian women and write reviews about them, through their blog or other means.

Why only women you might ask? Well, it seems that the female authors don’t get their fair share of reviews. So the idea of the AWW Challenge was formed and the concept has taken off. By 2014 they were on their way to , and they are now getting several thousand reviews a year.

Don’t you love it!!

Anyone can participate (men or women), so long as you’re willing to do some kind of review of the book you read afterwards. You don’t have to be a professional reviewer, but just don’t give away the plot in your review. Fiction, or non-fiction, there’s no genre restrictions, and they don’t even have rules on how many book you are to review during the year.

So I think I’ll take up this Challenge during 2015, and as my passion is history and genealogy, I’ll go with the genealogy and history genre. Though there does seem to be lack of Australian female authors in this genre – at least at this stage.

For more information on the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2015, visit their website. And be sure to read their About page to learn how it all started, and their FAQ for questions you might have, then head on over to their Sign Up page and fill in your details.

And in this world of social media, you can keep up with the latest news (and reviews) by following the Australian Women Writes (AWW) on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

So fellow Aussie geneabloggers and readers, who wants to join me?

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3 Responses to “Discovering the “Australian Women Writers Challenge” 2015”

  1. Sharon says:

    I look forward to reading your reviews 🙂

  2. Pauleen says:

    Good luck with AWW 2015 ALona. I started out okay then fell by the wayside with reviews.

  3. Carmel Joyce says:

    Would love reviews!!!! Just so busy writing and researching. Next challange after June when my next books is out, is to write a film script of “The Quee’s Own”. Need the reviews to write the best script possible so come on girls give me a go
    Carmel Joyce

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