Counting Down to DNA!

I know I’ve been rather quiet on the blogging front for a while now, but for a good reason.

As part of the organising team behind the DNA Down Under roadshow, that has taken up a lot of time (day and evening). But the beginning of the event is almost here, so my organising part is almost done.

Starting next week, Australia is having it’s biggest ever DNA specific genealogy conference. Held over 2 1/2 weeks, this roadshow features the guru of everything genealogy DNA, Blaine Bettinger, also known as “The Genetic Genealogist“. While he is the keynote speaker, he is joined by a whole host of Australia’s top genetic genealogists such as Louise Coakley, Helen Smith, Michelle Patient, Kerry Farmer and a stack more!!

It’s truly the ultimate DNA fest … and it’s for total beginners through to advanced level, so there’s something for everyone.

I saw a comment on Facebook saying “where else can you get 8 hours of DNA learning from the so many of the best in the world at one event!”, and another comment saying this is her “once in a lifetime event”. It’s so exciting to hear that others are just as excited.

The roadshow kicks off in Brisbane on Wednesday 14 August, and heads around the country to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and finishes in Sydney with 3-day in-depth conference.

To give you an idea of what you’re in for (excluding Sydney), here’s some of talk titles:
– Introduction to DNA
– Using Autosomal DNA for 18th & 19th century mysteries
– Genetic genealogy: standards, ethics, risks, limitations
– Using GEDmatch & DNA Painter to analyse your DNA
– Myth Busting Ancestry
– Finding Australian matches
– Limitations of cousin matching
– Getting the most from your FTDNA results
– Getting the most from your MyHeritage results

In Sydney there’s 10 speakers over 3 days, with over 40 talks, so there’s too many to list, but check the program here. But in general thre’s everything from beginners, to ethics, to adoption, to ethnicity, to GEDmatch, to visual phasing, to DNA research plans, to a project using DNA to identify soldiers, as well as how to get the most out of your results with the different DNA companies, and a whole heap more.

So if you’ve not taken a test yet, but have been considering it come along and see how DNA can help with your research. Find out about the different DNA testing companies, as well as the different types of tests.

If you have taken a test but are at the “What now?” stage, come along and find out just that. What you can do with those results. How you interpret them. How you can find and contact matches. [This is totally where I’m at. I’ve done 3 different tests and just haven’t taken to time to do anything with them, so I’m expecting to be mindblown by what DNA can actually tell me once I understand it.]

And for those who have already done those steps, find out about a number of third party tools that can help you take your results even further.

The DNA Down Under roadshow runs from 14-31 August, so be sure to check the website for details of where and when for each city, along with the speakers and program.

Pre-bookings for tickets at Brisbane and Perth have closed, but tickets are still available at the door. The other states have a few more days to pre-book. And in case the event wasn’t incentive enough, everyone who pre-books automatically goes into the draw for over $17,000 in prizes!! You can see the full listing of prizes here.

So come along and learn a heap about genealogy and DNA, and meet and make new friends who love family history as much as you do. And if you’re heading to DNA Down Under in Brisbane, Adelaide or Sydney, please come up to the Gould Genealogy/Unlock the Past stand and say a big hello to me.

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