Can You Spare $25?

On occasions I might blog about something other than genealogy – this is one of those times. Today I’m talking about Kiva.

As tough as times are this economic climate, $25 isn’t really a huge amount – we’ll not for most of us. And wouldn’t it be good if you could do something really good with it like loan it to someone who really, really needs help ? “You said loan right”? That’s right … you loan $25 and your money is paid back to you.

So let me tell you about Kiva …
Kiva ( is a company that allows you to do “micro-loans” (ie. $25). Its tagline is “loans that change lives”, and it really does, and I’m proud to do my bit towards that.

The Kiva website lists people from all around the world who are asking for monetary help, together with what they are wanting the money for. Sure all of these people need more than $25, but put your money together with a whole bunch of others, and suddenly you’re in the $100s or $1000s, which is what the person you’ve loaned money too needs to be able to buy fabric to make items for their shop, or seeds for their crops, or a sheep so they can sell off the wool etc., or any number of other reasons. Once fully funded, the lender then repays the loan back bit-by-bit.

How I came to discover Kiva …
I was introduced to Kiva through Judy Webster, one of my genealogy friends, who created the Kiva group “Genealogists for Families“. Judy continues her father’s tradition of lending money to hard-working people who want support but not handouts. $25 that is loaned over and over again as it is repaid does more good than a one-time donation to charity. Judy created this group in September 2011, has since then it has continually grown. Currently the Genealogists for Families group has 241 members who have loaned to 1525 loans. Impressive isn’t it!

My loans …
To date I have loaned to seven people from six countries (Bolivia, Uganda, Nicaragua, Philippines, Mongolia, and Mexico). Of these seven loans, two have been fully paid back already, and the others are being paid back a little each month.

  • Richard inherited plaster ovens from his father, and has requested a loan of $1,500 to purchase bags to package the plaster to sell.
  • Elisha was after a loan of $975 to buy a motorcycle to go into motorcycle transport, with the aim to save enough to be able to buy a car for his family.
  • Cristina requested a loan of $875 buy construction materials so she and her husband can build their own house.
  • Having been widowed, and with 5 children, Letecia was after $625 to help her buy farm supplies like rice seeds, fertilizers and herbicides that will be used to continue on the family rice farm.
  • Tessie requested $275 to buy more bags of sugar, 50 kgs. of rice, soap, and maize flour for her shop.
  • Purevsuren requested $600 to purchase milk and organic dairy products for her business.
  • The El Inicio Group (a group of 7 people) requested a total of $2050 to help members repair and service computers for an internet cafe, as well as purchase ink cartridges and reams of paper for use there.

Need more perspective?…
$25 … think about it. How much does the coffee and cake you buy over a week or two add up to? Or how many of those little extras that you tend to add into the shopping cart do you really need? Just put a little aside each week, and it’ll add up.

These people are in need, and we’re in a position to be able to help. So head on over to Kiva, to  find out more. And just to be clear, no you do not need to be a genealogist to either loan to anyone on Kiva, or to join the Genealogists for Families group.

Further information …
Kiva website –
Genealogists for Families group on Kiva –
Genealogists for Families blog –

So help change someone’s life by loaning $25 today!

5 Responses to “Can You Spare $25?”

  1. Judy Webster says:

    An excellent explanation! Thank you for your on-going support for Kiva and the ‘Genealogists for Families’ project. I like your comment ‘just put a little aside each week, and it’ll add up’. I put my 5c and 10c pieces in a jar. I don’t miss them, and eventually I have enough to make an extra loan. I also do on-line surveys, from which I regularly earn between $30 and $60 per month. Anyone who is interested in doing surveys can email me at the address shown on and ask for a list of the best survey sites.

  2. Pauleen says:

    Good promo Alona. Those of us, like you, in the GFF team really believe in what we do. Let’s hope we can continue to grow the group and do good. The great thing is that when repaid that same $25 goes to help yet another family. Maximum bang for our bucks!

    • Alona says:

      Thanks Pauleen. You’re absolutely right, your $25 doesn’t just help one person, it gets repaid, then you can help another and so on.

  3. Catherine says:

    Done already … many times over with continuing Kiva loans to those in other countries who need a “leg up” financially.
    Maybe one day some one… some where, witrhin the genea community in Australia, will actually acknowledge the work I keep on doing for others here in our own County which requires NO money but simply a caring heart and a willingness to speak out and pass the message on. e.g.
    Right now I’m totally focussed on trying to stop the graves of our South Australian Ancestors being destroyed/ desecrated and that connection with our family history lost forever.
    HELLO!!! anyone out there actually listening to this plea for support? 🙄

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