Book Review: Black Widow, Australia’s First Female Serial Killer

On rare occasions I have done the odd book review, and as I’ve just finished reading Carol Baxter’s “Black Widow: The True Story of Australia’s First Female Serial Killer” (… and wow what a read!), here’s one more for you.

Written in Carol’s usual style of “true crime” written as if it was a novel, it is rivetting and most certainly a page turner.

The story follows Louisa Collins, mother of seven. Was she really a husband killer? Inquests, trials, hung juries, it’s all here in this book, and it is all TRUE history! If you live crime or thriller novels, and history this is a must for you.

Readers are taken into Sydney as it was 1888, and Carol sets the scene beautifully, with little tidbits adding in detail.

With details from newspapers, autopsies, trials and so on … the words written are the words the people actually said! You can’t get better than that for a true crime thriller.

Black Widow front

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Black Widow back

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To read more about this title, or to order it,  head on over to Carol’s website

I’m not a prolific reader, of books anyway (blogs and magazines, yes! which doesn’t leave so much time for books). But earlier this year I decided that I wanted to take part in the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2015, which means reading books written by Australian women authors (fiction or non-fiction) and reviewing it. Sadly it is now September and this is my first one – still, one is better than none. For more about the Challenge, click here.

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