Backups: Don’t Forget Your Blog!

The 1st of the month is BACKUP DAY. That’s what we get taught.

Backup all your genealogy files. Back up all of your photos and scans. And anything else that you wish to backup as well.

But how many of you remember (or even thing to) backup your blog?

I must say that it wasn’t until about a year ago when I realised that I could (and should) be backing up my blog.

Just think of all the effort All the effort you put into writing those posts. And what happens if something happens, and they get lost or corrupted? Would you simply start again?

If you have an export of your blog, all you need to do is simply import that file, and all of your posts, comments, and pages are there. And trust me it’s dead easy, so every blogger (geneabloggers included) should be doing this.

I will say that I am a WordPress user, not a Blogger user, so I can’t say that doing this for Blogger will be exactly the same, but I imagine it would be similar.

Blog Export with arrows 590

a screen shot from my blog admin site

So it really is a case of three easy steps.

  • Step 1 click on TOOLS on the sidebar, then on Export under that.
  • Step 2 make sure that the “All Content” option is checked. Mine does it automatically, but not sure if all do.
  • Step 3 is the click on the “Download Export File” button. Mine is blue, but I guess that varies between versions and templates too.

The file will then download to your computer, which will save in the usual “Downloads” folder. From there you can move it to a place where you’ll know where to find it.

I have a folder titled Lonetester Blog, with a subfolder called Backups. It’s easy, and I know where to find it.

Downloading a copy of your blog is one thing, but you really need to have a copy OFF of your computer. So I strongly suggest copying it to a portage harddrive and/or having a copy of Dropbox as well.

So do yourself a favour. Give yourself piece of mind … backup your blog. It’s not that hard.

2 Responses to “Backups: Don’t Forget Your Blog!”

  1. KerrieAnneC says:

    Got that Alona – so in the event of disaster – how I do I actually take the backup to recreate the website ? Can you point me to another page for that ?


  2. KerrieAnneC says:

    Alona – does that actually back up all the images on the WordPress blog ? A mate has suggested that this might do a full backup of all content ?

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