Arriving on the ”Rajah” in 1849

As happens in those moments when you’re sitting in front of a computer and not reading or responding to emails, blogging or doing work … I went Googling, and decided to see what I could find on my Robbins family. Now this is a family that has received very little attention, so I’m pretty much starting from scratch. A few days earlier I had gone through a number of South Australian CDs that I have, and had begun piecing the family together, and I found out that they arrived on the “Rajah” in 1849.

This particular voyage of the “Rajah”  left London on 30th August 1848, left Plymouth, Devon on the 9th September 1848, and arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on the 6th January 1849. No doubt not an easy trip for anyone, but it is one that so many of our ancestors made.

While browsing on Trove I came across this shipping list for the ”Rajah” that was printed in the ”South Australian” newspaper on the 19th January, 1849 … and it lists my ROBBINS family.

George Robbins, Mary Robbins, and Mary Ann Robbins, Maria Robbins, John Robbins, Jesse Robbins, Phoebe Robbins, A. M. Robbins [this last one is likely to be son Abner Mark Robbins].

January 6.-The barque Rajah, 352 tons, Ferguson, from Plymouth, 9th September. Passengers:- Rev. John M. Strongman, Mrs. Strongman, Mr Wm. R. Rayne, Mrs Rayne and two children, Mr John Shrewdwick, and John Hay, Esq., Surgeon Superintendent, in the cabin; S. Rodda and wife, James Riddle, Elizabeth Riddle, Agnes   Rowling, John Roak, Mary Ann Robbins, Maria Robbins, John Robbins, George Robbins, Mary Robbins, Jesse Robbins, Phoebe Robbins, A. M. Robbins, Urias Scoble, Mary Scoble. Jane Scoble, Richard Symons, Wm. Symons, Elisabeth Symons, Grace Symons, Peter Spargo, Jana Spargo, and six children, Jesse Seabridge, Thomas Shrig- ley, John Trenowith and wife, Mark Tonkin and wife, Wm. Thomas wife and three children, John Thomson, Elizabeth Abard. Robert White, Silvia   Whittle, Thomas Whittle, Uriah Whittle, Hannah     Whittle, Richard Webb wife and three children, John Williams wife and four children. Wm. Williams and wife, J. L. Wette, Mary Whitburn. Caroline Whitburne, R. S. Baxter, Charlotte Bowls, Stephen Brooks, Thomas Burgan wife and three children, John Bickley wife and two children, J. Batton wife and five children, Elizabeth Bennett. Daniel Cushion, John Collins, Elizabeth Crispin, Thomas Ellis wife and child, Martha Fickess, E. Fickess, Mary Fickess, Wm. Fitzgerald, Amos Foster and wife, C. Fox, John George wife and two children, Richard Giffin wife and two children, Samuel Hoskyn and wife. Richard Hawk and wife, Thomas Holman wife and child, Stephen Harvey and wife. John Heather, Arthur Hughes, Richard Holland, Ann Hunt, Wm. Heldon wife and two children. Wm. Java, Gath Java. Joseph Java, Samuel Java, Agnes Java, Elizabeth Java, Martha Java, Wm. Java, Eliza Java, W. Java, Gath Java, Harriet Job. Mary Jenkins, Enoch Jackaway. James Jones wife and three children, Margaret Maguire, Charles Morris, John Moses wife and five children, James Merryfield and wife, Mary Macdowall, Sarah Macdowall, Selina Matthews, John Nott wife and nine children, Thomas Nagh, Samuel Osborn, James Phillips, Mary Phillips, Hugh Phillips, Mary Phillips, Wm. Pearce wife and six children, Maria Phillips, Charles Rull and wife, in the steerage.

Cargo of the Rajah:- 787 bars iron. 89 bundles ditto,390 deals, C. Ferguson; 13 hhds. 25 kegs. 25 boxes, 10 puncheons, A. L. Elder & Co. ; 7 boxes, C. & F. J. Beck ; 18 bales, A. L. Elder & Co.; 36 mats, C. Ferguson; 1 case, 1 box, Order ; 20 barrels, 140 kegs, 60 tins; 20 firkins, 24 kegs,   2 casks, 1 case, 2 kegs, 40 bundles, 4 bottles, 1 cask, 1 tierce, 2 casks, 24 shovels, 12 tar brushes, 2 bundles, 1 tierce, 16 dozen hilts, 7 dozen picks, 5 cases, 6 crow bars, 2 barrels, 2 bundles, 2 boxes, 1 barrel, 4 cases, 29 wheelbarrows, 1 case, C. Ferguson; 50 casks, James Steeling & Co.

I’ve not included the entire original article as it also makes mention of a number of other ships, which isn’t relevant to this article. And I did exclude the list of Exports, but chose to list the imports as they are fascinating – and of course the full passenger list. You can see the full original article in the South Australian, January 9 1849

One other thing I did find very interesting in reading this passenger list was that Mary Ann ROBBINS married a fellow “Rajah” emigrant, Richard HOLLAND  about a month after arriving in South Australia, so now my research continues … hmmm.

6 Responses to “Arriving on the ”Rajah” in 1849”

  1. A 19th century Love Boat. How romantic.

  2. Sharon says:

    Interesting. So does the 1841 census show them living in the same town? If not, it seems very likely they met on the boat?

    Another reason, why this hobby is so enjoyable. Piecing together the stories from facts 🙂

  3. Pauleen says:

    great find Alona and as always each discovery opens another search.

  4. lloyd robbins says:

    Your Robbins family would have almost certainly originally came from Cranford St John. My GG Grandfather left there in 1852.His name was John Mitchell Robbins.

  5. Anita Tsamtsikas says:

    Hi there.
    I’m very interested in your information. George Robbins is GGGG Grandfather. (I think 4 ?). Happy to share information that I have for the family. let me know if your interested. Anita

    • Alona says:

      Hi Anita, if your George Robbins is the one who married Mary Houghton, sure I’m interested, as he’s my 3x Great Grandpa. Anyway I’ll get some info together and will send you an email. But I haven’t done much on this family at all at this stage.

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