An Ode to Moustaches for Movember

November has come to be recognised as Movember. The month for men (hopefully only men) to grow a mo, get sponsored by friends and family and raise money and awareness for men’s health, and of course “grow a mo”.

Ok, ok I know I should have written this at the beginning of November rather than a few days from the end … but hey I’m still writing it … and it IS still November … just ;-).

So November is the month for moustaches, so why not head over to one of my all-time fav websites … yes, Trove to see what was written about them back then.

So here’s a collection of the interesting tid-bits I found.

Queensland Figaro and Punch 3 April 1886

apparently the ‘Elixir’ did the trick. Queensland Figaro and Punch, 3 April 1886

The Evening News 29 April 1899

The Evening News, 29 April 1899

The Evening News 29 September 1908

mo’s need training. The Evening News, 29 September 1908

no-one wants to get their mo all wet, so here's a moustache guard for your cup Sunday Times 12 July 1912

no-one wants to get their mo all wet, so here’s a moustache guard for your cup.┬áSunday Times, 12 July 1912

moustache 1924-09-19 The World's News - Record Moustache

that’s one mighty impressive mo. The World News, 19 September 1924

moustache 1947-05-29 The Daily News - 18in of Moustache

18 inches of mo, together with a whole lot of wax. The Daily News, 29 May 1949

moustache 1950-07-05 The Courier Mail - 100000 moustache

surely this is world’s most expensive mo?┬áThe Courier Mail, 5 July 1950

moustache 1953-01-15 The Mercury - Sucked in Moustache

ewww. The Mercury, 15 January 1953

You know in browsing through all the articles on Trove, I can see that moustaches went in and out of fashion. I can see that there was a whole industry relating to the care and maintenance and style of your mo. And speaking of syles … there was a whole range of them.

Anyway this whole post is not just about showing you men’s facial hair over the decades, but also as a reminder that Movember is still on for a few more days. And if you haven’t already supported the cause, you can do so through the Movember website. But if you wish to do something a little different, why not try this. Did you have have any ancestor/s who had mo’s (big or small ones – the mo’s not the ancestors hehe). If you happen to have a photo of them, dig it out, scan it, and pop it up on the Hairy Mancestors Facebook page. They are donating $0.50 for every pic of a ‘mo’d up ancestor’ that gets popped on their page to the Movember Foundation. So share an ancestor and support a cause!


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