Alona Times Two

My name is Alona … and I have always been the ‘girl with the odd/different/strange/unusual name’ (insert whichever works for you). And while I know that there are a few other Alona’s out there, I have never ever had the pleasure of speaking or meeing anyone with the same name (and by same name, I mean the same spelling – not any of the many variants) … until NOW!!

The last day last week’s Queensland Expo 2012 started our as expected – with a cold, and busy day of manning the Gould Genealogy & History stand. And yes it was cold thanks to unusally cold weather in winter for Brisbane), and busy, it also but also a super-exciting day as I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of meeting someone else the with same name … ALONA.

At about lunchtime on Day 3 of the Expo, the lovely ladies who were on the Registration Desk at the Queensland Expo kindly informed me that someone else with the name Alona had just come in for the day. Well, that was it, I was on the lookout, and was reading everyone’s name tag, and eventually I found her. I was lucky she came in to the Exhibition Hall, and didn’t go to every talk possible, otherwise I may well have not met her. But I did and it was a case of Hi Alona, I’m Alona! And whipped out my camera.

Alona Tester & Alona Dobson at the Queensland Expo 2012

I took a photo of both of our name tags (the very top one) just to prove that we were in the same place and the same time.

I’d like to thank Alona Dobson for kindly allowing me to take these pics, and for coming to the Expo. And while I got to spend only a few minutes with her, as she was there to see the Expo, and I was there to man our stand, it was wonderful to meet up. And I do hope she found it as exciting as I did (the Expo and the meeting). 😛

You know it’s taken more than 30 years for me to physically meet another ALONA in this big wide world – now I wonder how long until I meet yet another, if ever … as it sure aint a common name here in Australia …

6 Responses to “Alona Times Two”

  1. Geraldene says:

    So glad for you Alona….a kindred spirit at last. This other Alona could have been interested in fishing or knitting, but no, she was interested in family history, like you. So that is extra special. xx

  2. Ali P says:

    Yay! Very exciting…

  3. Fi says:

    I understand that feeling. As a child, I never met another Fiona, and even now only know a couple. So glad you got to meet another Alona 🙂

  4. Pauleen says:

    What fun Alona 1 and 2! Must have been a bit of a spin-out to finally find another!

  5. Sharon says:

    Not “odd/different/strange/unusual”……………..I would say special/unique/distinct/interesting 🙂

  6. Alona says:

    Thanks everyone – yes it made the Expo super special for me. And Geraldene, you’re right, to have met her at a genealogy conference is just a bonus!!

    Sharon … aww you’re so sweet with those lovely alternative words. Thank you. 😉

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