A Thank You To My Readers

As part of my job I get to do a lot of reading, which for me includes reading blog posts. One blog that I follow, and everyone should too, is Jill Ball’s GeniAus blog.  She keeps her readers up to date on all-sorts of genealogy-related topics. On a recent post titled Positive Reinforcement, she says how someone commented about her Google Hangouts on Air giving some some wonderfully positive feedback, which has spurred her on, or in her words “given me the encouragement to persevere”.

This reminded me of a comment that a reader of my blog sent to me last night. She writes …

“It goes with out saying that I love all your posts. Hope you have a wonderful cruise …. I hope to join one day too. I have not signed up to too many blogs for I do not have the time at present ~ but I enjoy hearing about what makes you put fingers to keys to type.”

I wrote back thanking her for her kind words and for subscribing, and I hoped I would not bore her with all the cruise posts I might be doing in the next few weeks … to which she replied …

“Write away to your hearts content. Would rather read you posts then some of the trash that others find news worthy … So any one reading your posts will love what you write.”

I don’t write for comments. I write for myself. But in saying that it is nice to get feedback from others. So thank you to everyone who gives a thumbs up on Facebook, does a retweet on Twitter, +1s on Google+, shares the post, or leaves a comment somewhere – each of those actions gives encouragement to the writer,  which in this instance is me.

And to know that I am in someone’s small group of blogs that read, makes me feel really honoured. And with comments like that, how can you not get warm fuzzies?

So while this is a small post, it is a BIG, BIG thank you my readers. You’re the best. And I shall keep on blogging!. ;-D

2 Responses to “A Thank You To My Readers”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout Alona.

    Congratulations on your three blogs that I read religiously. Hope I’m not missing out on any others!

    I also write for myself but, because I am human, love it when I get some positive reinforcement via a comment on social media. Blogging is a two-way street.

  2. Pauleen says:

    Getting those stories down is what motivates most geneabloggers to write I think. positive feedback really does give us encouragement as after all ultimately we want those stories to interest our families. Well done and well deserved Alona.

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