A Look Back Over 6 Years of Blogging

October 3rd is my 6 year blogiversary. Sometimes I can’t believe that it’s gone that quick, and other times, it seems forever. Anyway 6 years on, and I’m still blogging, and I still love it.

For this post, I thought I’d take a little look back at some of my favourite posts. I do write on a number of different topics, so I’ve groups them into various categories, and have chosen six from each. This post took a lot longer to compile that I expected, partly because I relooked at each and every post I’d written which was a very interesting exercise, but also because it was so hard choosing which ones to include. I would have loved that list more …

Anzac Day Blog Challenge: He Was Proud to be Australian
– Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: P is for … Charlotte PHILLIPS
– Trove Tuesday: The Saddest News of All
Diaries, and the Stories They Can Tell!
A Wedding in the Midst of War
– Looking Back: Photos of My Grandmas

– Ten, Eleven, Twelve Commandments of Genealogy
– 13 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD
– Favourite Family Tree Quotes
– All I Want For Christmas Is A New Surname
– Genealogy, As the World Sees It
– Are You a Genealogist or a Family Historian?

History Meets Street Art in Adelaide
History Under Your Feet
Australian History – the Bits You Didn’t Know About
– Trove Tuesday: 1 March 1954, The Day the Earth Shook South Australia
– A List of Don’ts for Women on Bicycles Circa 1895
– Australia Day, 26 January … or is it May or July?

Australian Government Gazettes – Have You Discovered Them?
– Australian Birth, Death and Marriage Records
– Finding Genealogy Evidence in the Most Unlikely Place
– Obituaries Really ARE Genealogy Gold!
– Trove Tuesday: Deaths of South Australian Pioneers
– South Australia’s First Motor Car and Early Registrations

– 20 Tips for Genealogists
27 Golden Rules of Genealogy
– 50 Genealogy Blogs You Need to Read
– Societies Need to Adapt, or They Will Die
– The Importance of a Catalogue
– It Pays to Read the Ts&Cs

– Tips for Geneablogger Writers and Readers
– Use Social Media to your (Genealogy) Advantage
– Facebook vs Mailing Lists
Tips for Genealogy Bloggers
– 17 Websites to Find Photos for Your Blog
– Do You Have an “About Me” Page on Your Blog?

and just a few more that are worthy of a mention:
– Arrggh, the Power is Out Again!!
– More Free Websites for South Australia Genealogy and History
Family Tree Photo Wall Part 2: Almost Done
DNA Testing and Bullying

Thanks to my readers to taking the time to read my posts. While I do write for me, simply because I enjoy writing, it is always nice to know that I have readers, and I hope you find them useful, and interesting.

Anyway happy reading, and now on with the next 6 years of blogging.

7 Responses to “A Look Back Over 6 Years of Blogging”

  1. Alex says:

    Happy blogiversary Alona and thank you for alwzys delivering such great content. Long may your blog live!

  2. crissouli says:

    Congratulations, Alona, on 6 years of blogging… and thank you for all you have shared, to educate, inspire and just plain entertain!

    Looking forward to the next six years…

  3. Jane says:

    Congratulations. A lovely look back over some good articles. Happy Blogversary.

  4. Love your blog, Alona. Congratulations on #6!

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