A Blog is Like Silverware!

I believe that a blog is rather like silverware. I hear you saying huh, but just go with me on this! You might use it regularly, but every now and then it needs a polish.

For some reason holiday-time tends to be when I start thinking about tinkering with my blog. I’m not meaning writing new posts, as that kinda goes without saying. And I’m sure in the break between Christmas and New Year I’ll find something to prattle on about. But rather I’m meaning changing the way it looks or is laid out. For instance today I added the little Pinterest share button to the bottom of each of my posts. While it’s not a big thing, it does make it easier for those that wish to pin it!

Anyway thinking back, I remember that it was about this time last year when I reworked all of my categories on this here Lonetester HQ blog. This did mean going through post-by-post which was a tad time consuming, but I felt it was needed. But now I have that feeling back again.

My blog is now over two years old with 143 posts to date. So maybe it’s time for some more changes. I’m not sure if it’ll be the categories again, I’ll need to look through and see if they are still appropriate. But I may even end up changing the entire look (template), though I kinda mostly like the one I have because it’s nice and bold. So we’ll see what i end up doing! But a little ‘polishing’ wouldn’t go astray.

And it was also about this time last year that I got an idea for my Memorabilia House blog. Once I get an idea, I then tend to mull over it for a little while which might be a few weeks, as was the case with this one. Eventually I got it set up, and on the 16th of January, 2013 I did my first post on it. I don’t expect to have any more grand blog idea plans like that – but I never know what my head will come up with. So there’s really no telling.

Anyway I have a couple more days of work, then Christmas for two days (we split it into Christmas Day and Boxing Day rather than cram it all into one), then my few days of holidays begin!!

And if you’ve made it this far through the post, I truly congratulate you. While I do tend to ramble on a bit, I have a feeling that I’ve exceeded my usual levels with this one, so I do apologise. And I promise to do less rambling in my next post.

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  1. Love the Silverware analogy, Alona.

    We should continually evaluate our blogs and this an appropriate time to do so.

    I wonder what you’ll change!

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