13 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD

I recently came across Michael John Neill’s post onΒ 10 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD, and laughed so much, that after sharing it with my work buddies, I just have to share it with you too. And kudos to Michael for coming up with such a great list.

Please make note I have taken the liberty of non-US-fying it, but other than that, it is as Michael wrote, with a few additions of my own tacked on to the end.

1. You check FamilySearch at 8am, 12noon, 6pm, and 9pm every day for updated releases or databases.

2. You’ve grabbed a green leaf on a real TREE thinking it was on your Ancestry.com page.
3. Your family takes the long way places to AVOID cemeteries when you are in the car.
4. You have seriously thought about HIDING in a library to get locked in after it closes.
5. You spent more searching for your ancestors using old tax records than you did preparing your own 2012 tax return.
6. You know more about your spouse’s ancestors than you know about your spouse.
7. You would easily spend your entire holiday in a library [or archives, or society].
8. You have already scheduled a day off from work for when the 1921 UK census is released.
9. The majority of pictures in your Facebook photo albums are of people who are dead.
10. You’ve recognised yourself in at least half of these signs.
And I couldn’t resist adding a few that I came up with …

11. You think the best present EVER is a subscription to a genealogy site, a new version of your genealogy software, money for more certificates or an album full of old family photographs.

12. You never go ANYWHERE without your family tree.

13. And you always have a notebook ready to jot down new family details as you hear them.


So there you go folks … how many of these do you relate to? Are you an obsessive compulsive genealogist (aka Genealogy OCD)? I think I’m on the way there, as I can relate to a number of them … though not ALL of them as yet. And in the background I hear Mr Lonetester saying “just as well”.

4 Responses to “13 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD”

  1. Pauleen says:

    Seems I don’t have OCD after all πŸ˜‰

  2. Alona says:

    πŸ™‚ lucky you Pauleen

  3. Diane Hewson says:

    Thank you for sharing!! It is like looking in a mirror. My family would “crack up” if they read these points.
    I used to threaten my children if they didn’t behave in the car we would have to stop in at “… cemetery” to check out “Uncle…” gravestone. Always greeted with loud groans. And now that I have an Ipad, I have my family tree with me 24 hours of the day (Tragic!!).

  4. Fi says:

    Hmmm…I did spot a number place the other day…BDM. My first thought was, ‘oh, they have their own cars now’.

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