Family Tree Photo Wall Part 1: Getting Started

I should start off by asking you two questions “do you have a heap of family photos either in albums or scanned and in folders on your computer?” and “do you have a wall that is in need of some redecorating?” Well I do have the photos, and I did have the wall. So I got to thinking, it seems silly not to display these gorgeous photos of our ancestors, and putting them in ‘tree’ format makes them fit into context, so the idea for my Family Tree Photo Wall was born!

If you already follow me on Facebook or on Google+ you will be familiar with my Family Tree Photo Wall as I have been putting up photos of the progress as I go, and have been getting wonderful feedback from people. Dick Eastman was one of those saw my pictures on Google+, and has since featured my Family Tree Photo Wall in a recent post of his titled The Ancestral Wall.