Updating …

Just a quick post to let you know that I have been working on things on the backend of my blog for the past few days. I would think that most of you wouldn’t have seen anything different, and that’s fine. Although some of you may have ended up with two emails the other day. Apologies for that. But it should be sorted out soon.

I have been changing over from Feedburner to MailChimp. For those who subscribe by email, you don’t need to do anything as I’ve transferred your details over. Although at present I haven’t switched off the Feedburner one, so that’s why those you may have ended up with two copies of my post.

However those who subscribe by using a blog reader (ie. Feedly, Inoreader or other similar ones) please note, my feed link has now changed, so you will nee to update the link to:


If you don’t update, when I disable my Feedburner link, you will no longer get notification of my posts.

If you don’t already get my posts, but would like to, you can use the feed link above in your email reader, or you can subscribe by email by popping your details into the pop-up on the screen, or by entering your details in the subscribe box on the righthand side.

Please bare with me for just a little longer while I finalise the crossover, just tinkering and making sure all is working as it should. And I do apologise in advance for anyone that ends up with two copies of my posts, it won’t be an ongoing thing forever. And hopefully all is good, and I’ll resume usual genealogy posts in the not too distant future.

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