I am NextGen … Are You?

I hate to say it, but there is a stereotype genealogist. They are more often than not female, and are generally in their 60s. And no I didn’t make that up, it is based on actual stats.

I am a proud NextGen supporter

I am a proud NextGen supporter

But (yes, there is a but) … what I find awesome is that it really is changing, as the age of researchers is coming down because younger people are getting interested. And as younger people get interested they are creating communities for themselves to mix with other young genealogists, which then encourages others.

So I just wanted to let others know about the NextGen Genealogy Network. I’m excited to have just joined, and I’m hoping that others (not just in Australia, but around the world)  will join up too. It is a group for 18-50 year olds, to use the powers of social media and the internet to mix with other  young genies, so they don’t have to feel that they are going it alone.

Their website says the following …

NGGN was founded in 2013 following a Twitter conversation between Jen Baldwin, Kassie Nelson, and D. Joshua Taylor, who wanted to create a community for other young genealogists. Additional collaboration from Shannon Combs Bennett, Tara Cajacob, Wendy Callahan, Melanie Frick, Barry Kline, and other volunteers turned this vision into reality.

As young genealogists ourselves, we know how hard it can be to meet peers who share our interests and to find our place within the genealogy community. We want everyone to experience the incredible benefits of enrichment and encouragement that being a part of and contributing to a vibrant and active community can offer.

Awesome work on their part to take an idea and make it happen. And I hope that through the power of social media and word of mouth it continues to grow.

As for social media you can find NextGen nearly everywhere … on Facebook, as well as a Facebook Group, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more.

So if you are a young genie wanting to share your research experiences with others your age, or are keen to help out in anyway by promoting genealogy head over to the NextGen website, and sign up they’d love to have you and follow them on social media to meet up with other young genies.


And while I’m on the topic of genealogy for the younger generation, I have to make mention of the Young and Savvy Genealogists, which is a blog that has been created by two young genies, Heather Collins in the US, and Caitie Gow in Australia with the aim of utilising modern technology to share the awesomeness of genealogy to their age group (under 30s).  Learn by following them on their blog or on Twitter.