It All Started with a Yellow Jacket

It all started with a yellow jacket, truly it did! But  before I get into it let me start off by staying this one of the few non-genealogy related posts that I do on this blog.

So the story of  my yellow jacket  starts off when I went shopping while I was in the US last month (I know surprise, surprise). Anyway while I was shopping I walked passed a store which had a gorgeous yellow jacket on display in the window, and had to immediately double-back to go in for a look.  (Trust me, anything yellow gets my attention these days!)

So into the shop I went to check it out. It was gorgeous, it was yellow and it was $180 down to $54!! An absolute bargain. But I thought long and hard about it, and eventually walked out of the store without it. Why I didn’t buy it I don’t know! But every female that is reading this will