Genealogy Royalty and the Autograph Book

I think there is several things I’m going to be remembered for by those at RootsTech. I was the short Aussie who always wore a hat (well it was cold), and I went everywhere with my Autograph book, yep, I was there to meet those in the genealogy scene … or as I call them “genealogy royalty”. By that I mean meeting those people who’ve written books you’ve read, written articles in the genie mags, you read their blog, or you converse with them on social media scene (Facebook, Twitter or Google +) … hence “genealogy royalty”.

So before heading off to Salt Lake City I decided that rather than just take pics of everyone I could, I wanted a bit more of a memento, so  I got an autograph book. Yes it seems old-fashioned, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, and it was a very useful in making me meet people. And as a bonus I now have a wonderful record of those that I met and my time in Salt Lake City because of it. 😉