The Topic is … “Books”

If you were given the topic of “books” to talk about, what would you choose? I’m sure that most of us here seriously LOVE our books, but when given such a broad topic, it’s really hard to narrow it down … or maybe that was just me?

I was fortunate enough to take part in GeniAUS’s (aka Jill Ball) second Hangout on Air earlier this week, which was a whole new leaning experience for me, and I was rather nervous, but I’d tried to do all my preparations for it beforehand so there was no last minute issues … anyway I’m not going to discuss the Hangout on Air here in details – tha’tll be a post for another day.

But rather I’m wanting to discuss the topic of Books. This was the topic that Jill chose as the topic for her HoA. And it really got me thinking, and puzzled.

Do I talk about some genealogy guidebook type thing? Or a book that has influenced me in