Lost in the Genealogy Wilderness

Ever have that feeling where you don’t know where you are, or which direction to turn? Or even what to do next? I’m sure some of you have, while others have never experienced that feeling.

Of course I’m talking about this in relation to your genealogy research. And that is where unfortunately, (and unexpectedly), I’ve found myself at.

I’m not a professional researcher, and I don’t claim to be, but I have been researching for a number of years. However my research these days tends to consist of me seeing new sets  records released, so I’ll go check for so-and-so … or hear a tidbit from another relative about this other person, or something they did, so I’ll go see what I can find.

In otherwords it’s very piecemeal. Very unfocussed, very unstructured, and without an exact goal in mind. More like dabbling if you like.

So now when I find that I have a free weekend (not that it happens often, but it’s nice when it does), and I want to settle in to doing some research – I am unable to just get into it, as I have no idea which line or person to get going on.

So I’m rather lost in the genealogy wilderness, and I really just need to set myself some research goals and FOLLOW them … Or even better, get entering the piles of stuff I have collected that I “STILL” haven’t entered.  (Is anyone else like that? You love finding stuff, but hate entering it, or is it just me?)

Actually I really, REALLY should do that entering stuff first. Sort out what I have, note it, file it … then get back the fun part of the searching!

So while I’m a little lost with my research at present, I have found some awesome stuff along the way, but I’ll find my way back.  I just might be buried under the paperwork pile for a while though.

20 Tips for Genealogists

As we know learning never ends, and the same goes for genealogy too. I’ve decided to compile a listing of 20 Do’s, Don’ts and tips for genealogists. For my regular readers I’m sure you know all of these things already, but this list is meant or those who happen to stumble upon my list when they are starting their genealogy journey. And hopefully there will be points that they’ll learn from it.

  1. Don’t expect to find your whole tree online.
  2. In fact, if you find info online, never assume that it is accurate until you’ve verified it for yourself.
  3. Always start with yourself and work backwards.

Arrggh, the Power is Out Again!!

Arrggh, the power is out again!! Sadly this is a phrase that is heard a lot in my house. With three power outages in the past week, and the most recent one so far being out for 16 hours (and still going), I am writing this from elsewhere. It has not only been frustrating, as well as confronting about everything that we do that requires internet and/or power.

I swear we must live in the most power-outage-prone place in the Adelaide Hills. Seriously it must attract power outages! Anyway enough complaining, on to something useful …

In the darkness of last night, I got thinking about all the things a genealogist can do when the power goes off, so as to use the time effectively.