Christmas Came Early!

I’m an online shopper. Find what you’re after, put your credit card in, hit place order, then sit back and wait for it to be delivered. And when it arrives it’s like Christmas. Today Christmas came early when the postie came. And, it was genealogy-related, which makes it even better!! So what was SOOOOO exciting?? Notebooks. That’s right, you read it right … I said notebooks. So what’s so exciting about notebook eh? Well, I have two more genealogy events that I’m attending this year, and I needed notebooks to write my notes in. (Yes, I’m old school as far as that goes), and as you’ll see from the pictures below I don’t tend to go for the sort you can find at the local newsagent …   Ok, I will admit that I didn’t NEED nine notebooks, but hey, I did narrow it down from sixteen!! Anyway I’ll use them in time. So just where did I get these super cool notebooks from? Cafepress!! I’ve been buying from Cafepress for years, I love their stuff.  T-shirts, mugs, mouse mats and notebooks and a whole bunch more. They are a place that sells novelty items. And while most of my purchases tend to be genealogy related, they literally have items for any topic. But here’s a word of warning: if you type in “genealogy” into the search box, you will literally get about 200,000 items!! And even if you narrow it down to just the stationery items, there are STILL thousands. So be prepared to take some time to browse!!