Getting Organised for the Cruise

With Christmas over, now the focus for us (meaning me, my workmates, and many of my genealogy friends) turns to the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise which is now only 37 days away.

So in amongst my Christmas shopping which was about 90% done online (gotta love internet shopping), I managed to do some shopping for me,  and here’s what I bought …

First up was a stop at This website is enormous, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed as there are hundreds and thousands of items (if not millions) listed on this website. But I simply did a word search for “genealogy” then narrowed it down to just notebooks … and that narrowed down the range for me, and the two below are what I chose.

Use ‘Trello’ to Get Organised

Let’s face it, time and organisation and two things that everyone seems to need more of, but they are also two of the hardest things to obtain. Now while I would love to give you “a whole big jar full of time”, sadly trying to put a clock (so that it still works) in a jar, just doesn’t work well, so we’ll all have to keep working on that one. But on to organisation, and that is something I may be able to help you with.

Well, actually not me personally, but rather a program called “Trello”.