“The Forensic Genealogist” – I’m a Fan

I’ve never been one to follow the latest trend. Instead I tend to come to the party late … if at all.

So it is with the latest additions to my book collection. I do love a good read. A good novel to tune out with, and I have a number of authors that I have read all their books cover to cover. And now I have a new name to that list, and that is Nathan Dylan Goodwin.

I know many of you have heard of him already, and are longtime dedicated fans … like I said, I don’t follow the crowd, but I usually get there eventually.

Anyway for the benefit of of the odd person who doesn’t know of him, Nathan writes fiction books with Morton Farrier as the lead character who is a forensic genealogist – yes, truly! Cool, eh?

He’s written 8 books in “The Forensic Genealogist” series to date, and I’m currently partway through them, but with some long plane flights coming up, I expect to get through another one or two.

I’m not going to tell you anything about the books, except that if you love a good read, lots of suspense, along with action, and genealogy – you’ll get it all (at least in those I’ve read so far). And you’ll get taken into Morton’s world of life as a researcher and see how he susses out his cases, visiting many archives and other places along the way.

The titles in this series (to date are):

  1. Hiding the Past
  2. The Lost Ancestor
  3. The Orange Lilies
  4. The America Ground
  5. The Spyglass File
  6. The Missing Man
  7. The Wicked Trade & The Suffragette’s Secret
  8. The Sterling Affair

Nathan even has a prequel to the series on his website, which you can download for free.

The Forensic Genealogist series are available in book form and as ebooks, so do yourself a favour if you like a good read, and check out NATHAN DYLAN GOODWIN’S books.



The Topic is … “Books”

If you were given the topic of “books” to talk about, what would you choose? I’m sure that most of us here seriously LOVE our books, but when given such a broad topic, it’s really hard to narrow it down … or maybe that was just me?

I was fortunate enough to take part in GeniAUS’s (aka Jill Ball) second Hangout on Air earlier this week, which was a whole new leaning experience for me, and I was rather nervous, but I’d tried to do all my preparations for it beforehand so there was no last minute issues … anyway I’m not going to discuss the Hangout on Air here in details – tha’tll be a post for another day.

But rather I’m wanting to discuss the topic of Books. This was the topic that Jill chose as the topic for her HoA. And it really got me thinking, and puzzled.

Do I talk about some genealogy guidebook type thing? Or a book that has influenced me in

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: R is for … Reference Books and Rainbows

Behind every researcher there is a great big, huge, pile of reference books that they constantly use to help them along the way. This pile of reference books can start right from the beginning when you are an amateur researcher, and continues right through to the professionals. And just to be clear, I’m not confining this habit of collecting reference books just to family history researchers … but shall go as far as saying that it encompasses ALL researchers, in ALL fields. So for R my post in the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge


Now to bring this topic back to genealogy … well, I for one know that I would be lost without my reference books.

Great Genealogy Books – in my opinion!

2012 is the National Year of Reading here in Australia, so I thought I’d share with you some of my great genealogy books. Yes it’s is true that I work for a genealogy store, and I am one of their best customers (*giggle*) but in this case I’ve opted to go with titles that I’ve bought elsewhere that we don’t sell at Gould Genealogy & History. So here’s snippets of five titles that I believe are great genealogy books.