RootsTech – The People You Meet

A huge attraction of going to any genie event for me is meeting the people. Catching up with friends that you see only occasionally, and making new ones along the way. And that’s exactly what I did again while I was at the RootsTech/FGS Conference this year.

So here’s a photo collection of the “people I met” from RootsTech 2015 …

Click on each for a larger image. And if you choose to use any for your own use, I just ask that you acknowledge that it was mine originally. Really, it’s just plain courtesy.

Anyway, Enjoy !!

RootsTech – Day 3 All Good Things Come to An End

Saturday was the last day of the RootsTech, which was Day 3 for many (and Day 4 if you had attended FGS as well) – either way, the days of talks and walking the Expo Hall (or in my exhibiting), followed by social events in the evening were starting to catch up with everyone.

RootsTech – Day 2 The Fun Continues

Day 2 of RootsTech fell on Friday the 13th, but it certainly didn’t bring any bad luck to attendees at RootsTech.

With a full day of talks that began at 8.00am and continued through until late afternoon, and the exhibit hall open from 10.00am until 7.00pm – today was the day to see, hear and do as much as you can (or as much as you feet let you)!

RootsTech – The Bling!

Genealogy conference bling is something that I first learnt about at RootsTech 2013 as it’s not something that we do in Australia, though I’d love it if the idea was picked up, but somehow I doubt it. Anyway I find that the conference bling is part of what makes the conference so much fun.

Blogger beads, conference ribbons, badges (or buttons at the US folk like to call them), and ever wristbands it’s all part of it! And here’s my stash of conference bling from RootsTech 2015 …