An Aussie Genealogist’s Wish List

Be it birthday or Christmas, what’s on your wish list? As genie-friends I’m sure you’d love a DNA kit, or an Ancestry or Findmypast subscription and a box of chocolates or two … but let’s get down to it … here’s what we REALLY want!


Note: I was inspired to create this after seeing a similar (but US-orientated) one that Ancestry created an put up on Instagram, which you can view here.

So what are you REALLY after this Christmas?




What You Could Have Bought for Christmas, in the Olden Days!

What you could have bought for Christmas! That is the title of this article which appered in the December 1976 Issue of the Australian Parade Magazine. It’s a great article which shows you a who bunch of vintage items which you could have bought in the ‘olden days’.