Style in Life … and Death?

Death is one of the certainties in life, so why not do it in style! Whoops, that sounds really bad, so let me rephrase that to say, why not be “buried” in style! Yeah, THAT sounds a whole lot better. More acceptable anyway.

So you might be wondering what on earth got me on to the topic of death and burials? Well I am a genie nut so it kinda goes without saying that we are always interested in cemeteries, but in this case it was a link that a genealogy buddy shared on social media.

The link was for a company in France called Funeral Concept who seems to be revolutionising the look of the graveyard with their  headstone (actual whole grave) designs. Below are just a few of their designs, but if you go to their website, and click through the links on the lefthand side you’ll see a heap of others.

Funeral Concept 1 Funeral Concept 2 Funeral Concept 3 Funeral Concept 5

Anyway, that reminded me of another site that I’d seen a while ago called Creative Coffins who “provide coffins in a selection of designs that range from the dignified and beautiful to the quirky and humorous”. As you can see, there’s something for everyone here.

Creative Coffins 1 Creative Coffins 2 Creative Coffins 3

So it seems that coffins are beginning to no longer be “just a coffin”, but rather an expression of the interests or personality of the person who has just passed.

I can’t say I’ve personally attended any funerals where the coffin or headstone were as elaborate as these. But I can see that they do make a statement and would be most certainly memorable! So if you wish to organise your own funeral with a whole lot-o-style, or if you’re organising a funeral for a friend or family member who has just passed who needs a “funky coffin” these are the places to checkout (along with those above):
My Funky Funeral
Dying Art
Crazy Coffins
Colourful Coffins

3 Responses to “Style in Life … and Death?”

  1. Sharon says:

    Love it! I have told my family that my only request is that the headstone is good enough quality to last 200 years so my GGGGG Granddaughter can read it! I have even written down what I want it to say! However this gives me some further ideas 🙂

  2. Pauleen says:

    How fun and funky! I like the zap of the red even though purple is usually my colour. Like Sharon longevity of the stone is important. My kids are thinking I’m a tad bossy about my funeral and burial already 🙂

  3. Bob Hershgeer says:

    These look great, however I question the “IRON” they are made of? That will rust and in a few years there will be nothing left of the sites. However Aluminum does not rust, and I have seen many head stones here in the USA made from that. No rust, no deterioration, You can read them, etc. I wonder why this company does not use that instead. You can do the same thing with it as with the Iron they use. Does any one know if there is any one making Aluminum head stones any more out there? Let me know please.

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