RootsTech 2017 – Counting Down

The countdown to RootsTech is most certainly on.

In just a few days I’ll be heading to the wintery (and hopefully a little snowy) Salt Lake City, USA. I will be just one of the many, many thousands who will converge on the city, to attend the RootsTech conference, the biggest genealogy conference in the world.

While most people go to RootsTech for the conference and will visit the exhibition, I will be attending as an exhibitor. For those who don’t know, I do work for Gould Genealogy & History (a retail/webstore company in South Australia), but at RootsTech I will be exhibiting as our sister company, Unlock the Past. So if you’re attending, please stop by, and say hello.

So getting down to the nitty gritty of stuff to do, and what to pack … both Jill at GeniAus, and Pauleen at Family History Across the Seas have great checklists which are totally worth a look.  And while I’ve scanned over them, I did decide to write a little checklist for myself myself …

General stuff …
– Flights booked (obviously)
– Travel insurance done (always a necessity)
– ESTA (visa) done (so they’ll let me into the country)
– Hotel booked (booked ages ago actually, but rechecked to confirm booking)
– trip from airport to hotel sorted
ribbons 250– Bank advised (you really don’t want a stop put on  your account while travelling)
– Got some US dollars (I didn’t have to do this before I left, but decided to)
– Got my watch out ready to take  in case my Fitbit decides not to change to US time
– RootsTech app installed (not sure I’ll even get to look at it though)
– Copied latest version of family tree file on to laptop
– Autograph books packed (I nearly filled 1 last time, so I’m hoping I’ll need 2 this year)
– Aussie souvenirs packed (we like to bring a little of Australia to our US friends)
– Business cards (these are so useful, and I don’t mean just work ones, but personal ones too)
– Ribbons packed (gotta take those, as shown in the pic)
– Notebook (I’m just taking one, but as an exhibitor I don’t expect to get to many talks)
– Lip balm and moisturiser are a MUST
– Boots! (it is winter after all, and snow can get slushy)
– Umbrella (there is some rain and snow forecast)
– Reading material for the plane, and a note pad too (good to note future blog ideas)

The techy stuff …
– Got roaming sorted on my phone
– Packed (and rechecked I packed) chargers for phone and camera as well as spare batteries
– US plug adaptors (obviously a necessity – and a note for others you’ll need a single one when going to the Family History Library, as their plugs don’t have room for doubles)
– my US modem (bought on a previous trip to the US, I’ve found the wifi at the FHL and the hotel is likely to be good, but the Salt Palace Conference Centre is known to not be great)
– Got roaming sorted on my phone
– RootsTech app installed (not sure I’ll even get to look at it though)
– packed a few extra mouses (I have a habit of killing them, particularly when I travel)

Of course there’s 100 more things I could add to this list, and anyone who’s travelling will have their own list anyway. Still I thought it would be useful to do.

Anyway I’m super excited to be going. RootsTech really is a whole heap of fun (and exhaustion), but I’m really looking forward to catching up with friends, and meeting others for the first time. I’m looking forward to checking out many other exhibitors (if I can take a break away from the stand), and enjoying the vibe of the conference.

So between work, packing, travelling, and RootsTech Conference which is now less than a week away, it’s going to be a busy time. But I’ll give you a heads up, I expect that the next few posts will be me reporting on it.

And if you are attending RootsTech, please do look out for me … I’ll be the short, but colourful one … ok, and you’ll most likely find me on the Unlock the Past stand (the one with the big Australian flag).

So let’s do it. RootsTech. Bring it on!

RootsTech 2017 countdown timer





10 Responses to “RootsTech 2017 – Counting Down”

  1. Pauleen says:

    Adaptors..thanks…must dig them out. bought ages ago. Everyone else seems to be “roaming” except me, but then I’m away longer. And lip balm.

    • Alona says:

      Totally understandable getting a local SIM for when you’re there, since you’re away much longer. And thanks for tips I picked up from your list Pauleen. See you soon.

  2. Frances M Gregory says:

    Dear Girl I was there in 2016. But I was ill and didn’t get to do the course. Everyone was lovely and kind to me. Think that I should have gone when I was younger. Please you have a lovely time and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.All the best
    Margaret Gregory

    • Alona says:

      Oh Margaret, its an incredible event to go to, but certainly not when you’re ill. So sorry to hear that you were. But you’re right about everyone being wonderful and welcoming – they sure are. And no doubt I’ll have lots of photos.

  3. Anna Graves says:

    Hey Alana, where do you get the stack a ribbons from in Australia? Or do you go to the U.S?

    • Alona says:

      Hi Anna, I did look eveywhere in Australia for them, but didn’t find any place, so ended up getting them from the same place in the US that the US folk do PC Name Tag.

      While the ribbons are cheap enough, they Fedex it out to Oz, so freight is horrendous, but if you have someone in the US who can take delivery, then post though regular mail, it’ll save you heaps!

  4. GenieJen says:

    Somewhat envious although I know you will be very busy on the stand. Looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing your photos. Have. a great time. Useful list too.

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