8th Unlock the Past cruise - map-580

And while I’m sure there’s plenty of interesting places to see at each port, it was Helsinki in Finland that REALLY got my attention.

You see, my great grandpa Otto Rafael Winter came from Helsinki, Finland. And it would be nice to see a little of his home city. Not only that, I’m hoping to catch up with some distant relatives in Finland who I do keep in touch with, but have never met in person yet. So fingers crossed, it could be a very exciting 11 hour stop in Helsinki.


So that’s all the reasons that got me going on this cruise … every thing else is a bonus.

But I do need to mention two other important things. Firstly the date, and then the program. From that you’ll see what an awesome genealogy conference this really will be.

This 14 night cruise runs from Saturday 11 July 2015 to Saturday 25 July 2015. That’s 14 days of sun, cruising, touristing, genealogy learning, and socialising. All up that equals a whole lot of fun.