#NotAtRootsTech, But I Want to Be

The world’s biggest genealogy event, RootsTech, has just begun, but I’m not there. To say I’m missing it, and my friends is an understatement.

Why am I not there? Well I did go in 2017, and there is a lot of sea between Australia and the US, so it takes time to save dollars for those big plane trips … not to mention that Congress (the big Australian genealogy event, but not even in the same league as RootsTech), is on the next week in Sydney … and I’ll be going to that.

So I look at my Faceboook feed and see so many friends who are there enjoying the sights, sounds and catch-ups of it all. Sigh … next year! I will get there next year!

Anyway, so what makes RootsTech THE. MUST. ATTEND. genealogy event for so many from around the world?

For me it is the socialising. The breakfasts, the dinners, even lunch if you’re lucky enough to get some (yes, it gets that crazy). Even the drinks after the day has finished. It’s the time where you get to catch up with friends (and make new ones) from all around the world. It’s the time where you’re not racing from one talk to the next, or trying to make your way around the expo hall … but the times when you can just sit and chat to someone one-on-one or just a small group of people. I have made great friendships from meeting at RootsTech.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many awesome talks, and SO much to learn from the awesome speakers. And the Expo hall is something like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a place that seriously takes days to work your way around it all, it’s that big. But catching up with “my people”, my friends, my geniebuddies is what makes me want to be there.

“But I don’t like crowds” some people say. Well nor do I thanks to being the quiet little introvert that I am. And when you hear numbers like 30,000 people pre-registered for RootsTech it’s phenomenal, but no doubt off-putting for some. But there is so much happening simultaneously that you don’t see 30,000 in the same place all at once.

Still I would be there tomorrow if I could be. Crowds included.

the geneablogger group photo from RootsTech 2017

The place, the people, the talks, the speakers, the exhibitors, the competitions, and even the research at the nearby Family History Library … all of that make it an amazing trip!! One that should be on your bucket list.

The vibe you get from being there is like nothing I’ve ever experienced at other genie events, and I’m already counting down to RootsTech 2019, which will be from 27 February- 2 March 2019 if you want to mark it on your calendar.

But don’t take my word for it. Follow the #rootstech or #rootstech2018 hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere … and see what those who are there are saying about it.

And while I know it’s a little too late for most to take part in RootsTech 2018 if you’re not already there, have a read of some of the reasons to attend … and keep it in mind for 2019 or 2020!!
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  1. JILL Ball says:

    Lots of your genimates are aski g after you Alona and hope to see you at a future #Rootstech

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