It’s All in the Numbers Geneameme

Ever since I created the Family History Through the Alphabet Blog Challenge back in 2012, one idea that continued to make a regular visit is “numbers”, and how I could make that work that into a blog challenge. Over time I have come up with numerous scenarios, but none have made it beyond my head yet.

Anyway rather than create a blog challenge – which does tend to tie you into something for a number of weeks, and this time of year is busy enough. And there are already some regular blog challenges currently going, I’ve decided that this can be a geneameme.

My idea for “It’s All in the Numbers” Geneameme is for you to come up with say 10  numbers (but feel free to do as many as you want) that mean something to YOU, and that relate to your family history in some way.

You might choose number 12 as that was the number of children one of your ancestors had, or number 3 as that’s how many sets of twins you’ve found in your family so far. Your great great uncle might have lived until he was 102, or 24 was the date of your grandma’s birthday. Number 28 was a house you lived at as a kid, or you might like to use the number of years you’ve been researching, or the number of trips you’ve taken to see family in the ‘homeland’. So pretty much any number that you can link in with your family history – do them consecutive, do them random – it’s your choice.

Here’s just a couple of examples:

13 – Thirteen is the number of generations I can go back on one line! That takes me back to 1612. This is my Beecken /Beken family that starts way back in Holland > moves to Germany > and then emigrates to South Australia.

22 – Twenty two is the age my great grandpa (Otto Rafael Winter) was when he left Finland as a seaman in 1902. He never returned, and eventually jumped ship in Australia.

So there you go. If you have some special numbers together with the story behind them that you’d like to share, feel free to join me for the It’s All in the Numbers Geneameme.

While there is no time limit for this, sometime in January I’ll compile those that have been done into a single list so people can read them all if they wish. So if you participate can I ask that you either provide a link back to this page or put a note in the comments below so I will know that you’ve participated.

I hope you’ll join me for my first geneameme.

7 Responses to “It’s All in the Numbers Geneameme”

  1. Excited to see a new new geneameme. Thanks for putting this idea out.

    I’m thinking on it.

  2. Pauleen says:

    An intriguing idea Alona, but I’m glad the timeline is not too tight as it will require some thought.

  3. Sounds intriguing Alona…

  4. Finally done and scheduled for later this week..

  5. Hi, found your blog via Geniaus and though this is a great idea. Much easier than the challenge I have set myself of trying to write more posts this year. For a theme I am trying to post about events in my ancestors lives on a particular date. Might take a few years to cover 356 dates. I will try to give your challenge a go soon as it will add to my blog posts too. Fran

    • Alona says:

      Hi Frane, glad you found my blog and geneameme. And feel free to participate if you wish. As mentioned in my blog post I came up with the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge, which was just a once a week thing for 26 weeks. That WAS a challenge, so I totally admire you taking on the 365 days.

  6. Pauleen says:

    Better late than never…it took a while for me to distil what I wanted to include Alona, but here it is.

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