Aussie Geneabloggers in Queensland …

We did it Adelaide at the Congress, now could we do it in Brisbane at the Queensland Expo? We were certainly gonna try for a group geneablogger photo!

Queensland, Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’ is the place to be at the moment, though not for the sun since it’s been raining for days), but rather if you’re an Aussie genenalogist then you would (or should) be at the Unlock The Past Queensland Expo which is currently on. The last day (Day 3) starts in a few hours.

As a bunch of people who are passionate ….. ok, ok …. a bunch of people who are totally addicted to genealogy, these events tend to draw the contingent of Aussie genealogy bloggers (aka geneabloggers) to them – well duh, it’s GENEALOGY!

As such, it was too good an opportunity not to attempt to get a group photo. However as this event is being held over three days, and there’s no official lunch break on any day, it’s been hard getting as many as we can together – but we tried – and here’s our group pics so far. Here’s hoping for a few more today.


Geneabloggers – Alex Daw (Family Tree Frog) & Alona Tester (lonetester HQ and also Genealogy & History News)

Geneabloggers – Tanya Honey (My Genealogy Adventure) & Sharn White (Sharn’s Genealogy Jottings)

Geneabloggers – Jill Ball (Geniaus) & Tanya Honey (My Genealogy Adventure)

L-R: Jill Ball (Geniaus), Shauna Hicks (Diary of an Australian Genealogist), Helen V. Smith – sitting (From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard), Sharn White (Sharn’s Genealogy Jottings), Pauline Cass (Family History Across the Seas), Alona Tester (lonetester HQ and Genealogy & History News), Fiona Basile (Dance Skeletons), and Carole Riley (Carole’s Canvas and also NSW Genealogy)

L-R: (hiding at the back) Tracy Bruce (Tracey Bruce), Sharn White (Sharn’s Genealogy Jottings), Alona Tester (lonetester HQ and also Genealogy & History News), Tanya Honey (My Genealogy Adventure), Jill Ball (Geniaus), Carole Riley (Carole’s Canvas and also NSW Genealogy), Kerry Farmer (Family History Research), Helen V. Smith (From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard), Judy Webster (Queensland Genealogy and Genealogists for Families)

3 Responses to “Aussie Geneabloggers in Queensland …”

  1. Alex says:

    It was so lovely to meet the people that I could on my fleeting visit…so sorry I couldn’t stay longer and meet everyone…next time! next time for sure! Gotta get on one of those cruises before too long…surely….

  2. Pauleen says:

    Thanks for uploading the photos Alona. I see I missed Alex and Tanya and only briefly spoke to Sharn but it was fun to put faces to names “in the flesh”. It was fun attending the Expo and meeting some geneabloggers.

  3. Alona says:

    Alex and Pauleen – it lovely to meet you and to be able to put a face to a name and blog name – there was a lot happening at the Expo, so it was hard to really catch up with anyone other than a brief ‘hello’. But a cruise would certainly give you plenty of time to catch up with everyone. See you on the February 2013 one?

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