4 Months ’til we Geneacruise!!

The year continues to march on with the days and weeks flying by. And with each day, the next geneacruise I’m going on, gets a day closer, and is now only 4 months away. (Christmas obviously comes before that, but no-one likes to be reminded of that, so I won’t mention it).

While the 9th Unlock the Past Cruise (a short Brisbane cruise in December 2015) is Unlock the Past’s next geneacruise, the 10th Unlock the Past Cruise is the next one that I’m going on, so that’s the one I’m writing about here.

The 10th Cruise will be leaving from Auckland, New Zealand and over the period of 18 days, travels down the coast of New Zealand, and across the bottom of Australia, right across to Fremantle, Western Australia.

10th UTP cruise map 600


Day 1 – Sun 14 Feb – Auckland, New Zealand – depart 8 pm
Day 2 – Mon 15 Feb – Bay of Islands, New Zealand – arrive 7 am, depart 6 pm (tendered)
Day 3 – Tue 16 Feb – Tauranga, New Zealand – arrive 8 am, depart 6 pm
Day 4 – Wed 17 Feb – at sea
Day 5 – Thu 18 Feb – Wellington, New Zealand – arrive 8 am, depart 6 pm (tendered)
Day 6 – Fri 19 Feb – Akaroa, New Zealand – arrive 8 am, depart 6 pm (tendered)
Day 7 – Sat 20 Feb – Dunedin, New Zealand – arrive 7 am, depart 5 pm
Day 8 – Sun 21 Feb – Dusky Sound – cruising 8 am to 9 am (cruising)
Day 8 – Sun 21 Feb – Doubtful Sound – cruising 11.30 am to 1 pm (cruising)
Day 8 – Sun 21 Feb – Milford Sound, New Zealand – cruising 4.30 pm to 6 pm (cruising)
Day 9 – Mon 22 Feb – at sea
Day 10 – Tue 23 Feb – at sea
Day 11 – Wed 24 Feb – Sydney, Australia – arrive 6.30 am, depart 10 pm (tendered)
Day 12 – Thu 25 Feb – at sea
Day 13 – Fri 26 Feb – Melbourne, Australia – arrive 8 am, depart 6 pm
Day 14 – Sat 27 Feb – at sea
Day 15 – Sun 28 Feb – Adelaide, Australia – arrive 7 am, depart 5 pm
Day 16 – Mon 29 Feb – at sea
Day 17 – Tue 1 Mar – at sea
Day 18 – Wed 2 Mar – at sea
Day 19 – Thu 3 Mar – Fremantle, Australia – arrive 6.30 am

I’m excited about this one (ok, ok, I’m excited about them all), but I will get to see a whole heap more of New Zealand than I’ve seen so far, and being a geneacruise I will be travelling with a bunch of my good geneafriends, and learning from some of the world’s best genealogy speakers along the way. So yeah, I’m excited. And it’s now only 4 months away!!

The speakers on this cruise are:
– Paul Blake (England)
– Jan Gow (New Zealand)
– Louis Kessler (Canada)
– Shauna Hicks (Australia)
– Eric Kopittke (Australia)
– Rosemary Kopittke (Australia)
– Judy Russell (United States)
– Helen Smith (Australia)

I have had the pleasure of hearing them all speak before, and have learnt things from every one of them, so I’m looking forward to soaking up more of their knowledge on this cruise.

Judy Russell in particular is one of my an all-time favourite genie speakers. Every one of her talks I’ve heard is incredibly inspiring, and so easy to understand. I know for a fact that if you wish to attend her talks you go early to get a seat!! Yes, she’s that popular.

Anyway if you are interested in this cruise, there is still room, and trust me you will have a heap of FUN!!! And that’s apart from the genealogy learning along the way. And did I mention that you’ll come home with a whole bunch of new geneafriends too? Trust me, you will.

For more information on any of the Unlock the Past cruises, be sure to check their website.
9th Unlock the Past cruise – Brisbane
10th Unlock the Past cruise – New Zealand to Australia
11th Unlock the Past cruise – Barrier Reef
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