Facebook for Australian & New Zealand History and Genealogy

Facebook for Australian & New Zealand History and Genealogy

Since releasing my first big list of Australian history and genealogy links on Facebook in September 2016, I’ve continued to find more, and more, and periodically do updates.

So what started out as a list of a few hundred links, has grown to large list of 2012 links (as at 29 December 2020). That’s 74 pages worth of Australian and New Zealand history and genealogy links … just on Facebook.

I haven’t added any new categories with this update, but there are additions to nearly every category that’s listed. It was my June 2020 update when I added New Zealand in. It’s still small, but it will grow, and as it does more sub-categories will be added as needed.


This is an ongoing project which will be updated periodically, so if you have any links you’d like added, please either send an email to  alona @ lonetester.com (without the spaces), or message me on my Lonetester Facebook page.


And I can’t mention genealogy on Facebook without making reference to two other incredible lists:
– Katherine Willson’s worldwide Genealogy on Facebook list is enormous, and now has over 16,400 links.
– Gail Dever’s Facebook for Canadian Genealogy list of over 1000 links is a must for everyone with Canadian connections.

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14 Responses to “Facebook for Australian & New Zealand History and Genealogy”

  1. Carmel Galvin says:

    Thanks for the work involved in keeping this list updated – always appreciated!

  2. Marie says:

    An amazing effort, many thanks

  3. Bettye Fisher nee Haag says:

    To my knowledge, I don’t have any Canadian contacts but one never knows Thank you for the opportunity to find more of my rellies ….

  4. Michelle Nichols says:

    Thanks Alona for your very useful list.

  5. Jill Ball says:

    Such a lot of work. Thanks from me.

  6. Ros Dunstall says:

    Thank you Alona, shared this wonderful collection

  7. Thanks Alona, your efforts are much appreciated.

  8. Kaye says:

    Hi, this is a fabulous resource. Thank you for compiling it for us all.
    My page is the Vintage Queensland page and I have shared this on my timeline.
    Kind regards

    • Alona says:

      Thanks so much Kaye … I tend to do an update to it every few months, so keep an eye out, my next update list is already growing.

  9. Thanks. Still searching for the real first Patrick Hynes.

  10. Crissouli says:

    Thanks Alona, I appreciate the time you out into updating this…

  11. Well done
    Can you please add Bendigofamilyhistory.org to your list. We are in central Victoria

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