Facebook for New Zealand History and Genealogy

Facebook for New Zealand History and Genealogy

In case my big list of Facebook links wasn’t enough, I now have more even links for you. While I was compiling my listing of Australian history and genealogy Facebook links, I kept coming across links for our cousins across the ditch … New Zealand. And we can’t forget our cousins, so rather than dismiss them, I decided to create a list for them too.

While it’s not as extensive as Australia’s list, there’s certainly plenty to look at … lots of old photo sites, museums, genealogy groups and other heritage related pages.

To make it easier for everyone I’ve made it available as a PDF file you can download. There’s currently 126 links on 6 pages, so there’s still quite a lot for a little country.


As with my Australian list, this is an ongoing list which will be updated regularly, so if you have any New Zealand related links that you’d like added, please either send an email to  alona @ lonetester.com (without the spaces), or message me on my Lonetester Facebook page.


And just a reminder about two other Genealogy on Facebook lists you should know about, firstly Katherine Willson’s worldwide Genealogy on Facebook list is one that everyone should download and have as a reference. The latest edition is enormous, as it now has over 10,000 links.

And if you have Canadian heritage, Gail Dever’s list on Facebook for Canadian Genealogy is the most comprehensive available.

Happy Researching on Facebook.

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One Response to “Facebook for New Zealand History and Genealogy”

  1. Rhoda says:

    Address for GSQ is incorrectly linked to something weird. It should be: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=genealogical%20society%20of%20queensland%20-%20gsq
    But we are also setting up a closed group soon.

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