My Family History Through the Alphabet Collection

My Family History Through the Alphabet Collection

Over the past six months or so I’ve been taking part in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge which I was also co-ordinating on the Genealogy & History News blog. And while it was a lot more work involved than I had anticipated, I did really enjoy it.

I was great to be able to write about things relating to my family history (people, heirlooms, websites, countries etc), and use the alphabet letters as a prompt for doing so. And even though I did finish a little late (though there wasn’t really a formal time limit), I did finally make it from A right through to Z. So this post is simply “My Family History Through the Alphabet Collection”.

A is for … A2A (Access to Archives)
B is for … [Family] Bible
C is for … Convicts
D is for … Dropbox
E is for … Emigrant Ancestors
F is for … Finland and Football
G is for … Gumeracha
H is for … Happy Dance
I is for … you guessed it … the INTERNET
J is for … [Heirloom] Jewellery
K is for … Old Words
L is for … Letters
M is for … Memories, Memoirs and a Headstone
N is for … Never-Ending New Stuff and New Jersey
O is for … Online Parish Clerks (OPC’s)
P is for … Charlotte PHILLIPS
Q is for … Quest
R is for … Reference Books and Rainbows
S is for … Searching
T is for … Teddy Bears
U is for … Undecided
V is for … Vintage Style
W is for … lots of Ws
X is for … Signatures
Y is for … Yesteryear
Z is for … The End? Not a Chance

I am amazed at the varying topics that I came up with. I’m also amazed at the number that I changed from my original idea. And while there were a couple of letters that were challenging, it is great to be able to say that I completed the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Congratulations Alona … and you finished off brilliantly, with a “bang” and not a “fizzle” 🙂 …


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